About Cat Westwood

My love of shiatsu developed over 15 years of professional experience within body practices. I initially trained in Dance Theatre at Laban Conservatoire where I began an international career as a contemporary movement artist. Whilst training to be a dancer, strong discipline is needed for the amount of physical and emotional demand, and, I became increasingly aware of the intangible relationships between body, mind, and spirit wellbeing. From there, my interests in dance grew to somatic, holistic movement, including training at Body Weather Laboratory (a Japanese contemporary dance form which utilises environment and nature) with Oguri and Steinberg in Los Angeles. I realised that my curiosity in this movement had sparked a subconscious response to working within therapy and body practices.

I am now a practitioner at the Shiatsu Centre Norwich and The Space Burston.

Cat Westwood Shiatsu 

BA (Hons)   MrSS   CYT Meridian Yoga


Due to the current climate of COVID-19, Cat is keeping up to date with government guidelines and NHS advice. Cat will wear a face mask & or visor during treatments.  Clients please wear a mask to your face-to-face treatments and wash hands or use hand sanitiser on arrival. All treatments are spaced out to account for full ventilation and sanitisation.

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