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T Calton- Moore

"I have had several treatments now with Cat and always find her a very good listener, kind and understanding, who easily understands my physical and complex mental needs. She's also warm and gentle with a sense of humour which has always made me feel at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody."

S Wright

"Cat’s kind heart, warm hands and quiet words are helping me to cope with physical and emotional issues. She creates an oasis of calm which I carry home inside me."

K. Leigh

"Whether you are new to Shiatsu or have had treatments in the past, you will have a wonderful experience with Cat. She is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner and is kind, gentle and attentive. I always look forward to our sessions as she takes a genuine, holistic interest in your life in order to inform your treatment. Cat creates a relaxing, calm environment that provides a much-needed break from a hectic world."

B. Percy

"I have had several Shiatsu sessions with Cat -and it is very apparent that she is a skilled, knowledgable,  intuitive and highly effective Shiatsu practitioner. Cat has a down to earth approach and a wonderful knack for understanding the deeper causes of problems - both on the physical and energetic level - I have found our sessions to be very helpful in dealing with my own issues.  I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Kim. O

"I saw Cat for Shiatsu massages over around 9 months, leading up to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic but then contact of that kind needed to stop for a while. Cat is a friendly, empathetic and intuitive practitioner, with a great sense of humour. She has a calm and efficient manner and can quickly put you at ease. The massages have been really helpful to me in tackling some grief that I have been carrying and in improving my general sense of well-being and physical health. Cat also gave useful supplementary advice, relating to exercises and diet and through working with her, I have found that I am able to call on visualisation to help me move on from issues in life and feel stronger and happier. When the global situation lead to our sessions having to be suspended, Cat had left me with enough new structure that I have been able to continue with the daily Qigong exercises she recommended outside in my garden and to continue to use visualisation to manage the anxieties which have inevitably accompanied the pandemic we are living through. I am very glad that I began the sessions with Cat and that this approach is now embedded in my life."

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